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Turtle Island Gallery Francis Dick
Kwakwaka'wakw artist Francis Dick was born into the Musqamakw Dzawadaenutw Band of Kingcome Inlet. She is a descendant of the supernatural Wolf, Kawadelegala, who became the first of the Kingcome people.Most of her work contains images of the wolf acknowledging her contemporary ties to her cultural past.Francis says that "Before anything else my work is about honouring my life process, my journey, through my fires, from places of pain and darkness to places that I might stand in my truth, my work is not a career, it is a way of life."Francis not only paints, but works in wood and silver and goldFrancis was initiated into the highest ranking society in her nation, the hamat'sa and is currently living in Victoria, B.C. working with her creative expression as her way of life.
Francis  Dick - Wondering
24 x 24 in.  Limited Edition Prints/Giclees
Francis  Dick - Keeper of our Fires
Keeper of our Fires
Limited Edition Prints/Giclees
Turtle Island Gallery

Please email the gallery to view more works by Francis Dick.

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