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Turtle Island Gallery Gifts and Clothing
Unknown  - Deerhide drum bag
Pendleton Gifts  - Spa/Beach Towels
Pendleton Gifts
LinDaLou  - Feather
Various Artists - Fingerless Texting Gloves
Various Artists
Wade Baker
Allison Berkshire - Tree of Life Button Blanket/Dance Apron
Allison Berkshire
Pendleton Blankets - Coyote Tale
Pendleton Blankets
David  Bouchard - "The Secret of Your Name"
David Bouchard
Charles Brown - Black smudge bowl with turquoise
Charles Brown
Benjamin Chee Chee - Round Alder Box
Benjamin Chee Chee
Rande Cook
Cowichan Women Cowichan Tribe
Dene Women Dene Women - Sheared Beaver Mitts
Dene Women Dene Women
Bernice Graham - Medicine Pouch & Earrigns
Bernice Graham
Bill Helin - Spirit Bear Picnic Velura Throw
Bill Helin
Corinne Hunt - Passport Pouches
Corinne Hunt
Marion Hunt-Doig - Chilkat Blanket
Marion Hunt-Doig
Women  Inuit - Moosecream moccassins with rabbit fur
Women Inuit
Terry Jackson - Porcelain Eagle Vase
Terry Jackson
Stewart Jacobs - Wolf Pottery
Stewart Jacobs
John Jones - White Buffalo
John Jones
Valerie Lamirande - Peppermint Pear Soap
Valerie Lamirande
Patrick Leach - Porcelain Pottery
Patrick Leach
Ellen Melcosky Little Miss Chief - Smoked Salmon
Ellen Melcosky Little Miss Chief
Buffy Lynch - Mini Pine Needle Baskets
Buffy Lynch
 Miscellaneous Artists - Veloura & Lambswool blanket
Miscellaneous Artists
Marvin Moquino - Pueblo Pottery
Marvin Moquino
Maxine  Noel - Round Alder Box
Maxine Noel
Daphne  Odjig RCA - Marino Wool Shawl
Daphne Odjig RCA
Dawn Oman - Blanket
Dawn Oman
Graham Pettman
Mark Redsky
Bill Reid - Round Alder Box
Bill Reid
John  Robson - Clamshell Box
John Robson
John Rombough
Ernie Scoles
Harris Smith
Jamie  Sterrit - Salmon Christmas Ball
Jamie Sterrit
Gladys Vandal  JIIXA - Haida Cedar Root Hat
Gladys Vandal JIIXA
Roy Henry Vickers - 2016 Calendar
Roy Henry Vickers
Dennis Weber - "The Secret of Your Name"
Dennis Weber
Melba West - Turtle Shell Medicine Pouch
Melba West
West Coast Artists West Coast Artists - Texting Gloves
West Coast Artists West Coast Artists
April White - Sgaanajaad - Killer Whale Woman
April White
Jerry Whitehead - Tile Mosaic Tray
Jerry Whitehead

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