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Turtle Island Gallery Jewellery
Unknown  - Coral and silver Kokopeli Pendant
Peruvian  - Peruvian Thread Earrings
Alvin Adkins - Raven Pendant
Alvin Adkins
Harold Alfred
Richard Baker - Gold Bracelet
Richard Baker
Terrence R. Campbell - Tufa Cast Silver Bracelet with Turquoise & red coral
Terrence R. Campbell
Wes Craig
Myles  Edgars - Argilite Humming Bird Pendant
Myles Edgars
Erich Glendale - 1" gold eagle bracelet
Erich Glendale
Bernice Graham - Medicine Pouch & Earrigns
Bernice Graham
Charles  Harper - 14kt Gold on Silver Eagle Bracelet
Charles Harper
Victoria Harper - Silver Hummingbird Bracelet
Victoria Harper
Leanne Helin - 14 kt gold ring with diamond
Leanne Helin
Corinne Hunt - Silver & pewter earrings
Corinne Hunt
Terry Jackson - Silver Raven Bracelet
Terry Jackson
Story Bracelets Kranz & Ziegler - Red Snakeskin Story Bracelet with Charms
Story Bracelets Kranz & Ziegler
Ken Loo
Buffy Lynch - Bead Choker
Buffy Lynch
Justin Morris
 Navajo - Turquoise & Coral Silver Bracelet
Opie Oppenheim
Grant Paul - Silver and Gold Belt Buckle
Grant Paul
Frank Paulson - 18 kt gold Hummingbird Earrings
Frank Paulson
Clifford Pettman - Killerwhale Pendant
Clifford Pettman
Justin Rivard - Eagle Pendant Silver Necklace with Crystal Quartz
Justin Rivard
James Sawyer - Haida Eagle with Salmon Pendant
James Sawyer
Percy Spencer
Derek White
 Douglas Wilson - Argillite Pendants
Douglas Wilson

Turtle Island Gallery