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Turtle Island Gallery Paintings and Prints
Patrick Amos
Jackson Beardy - Our Language
Jackson Beardy
Willie Belcourt - East of the Rising Sun
Willie Belcourt
Isaac Bignell - Untitled on canvas board
Isaac Bignell
Lee Claremont - Raven
Lee Claremont
Rande Cook
Reg Davidson - Frog Spirit
Reg Davidson
Danny Dennis - Bear Mother and Cub
Danny Dennis
Pat Derickson
Francis Dick
Chief Walter Harris - Skeena  The Running Wolf
Chief Walter Harris
Steve Harris - Untitled
Steve Harris
Dean Heron
Ross Hunt - Kwaguilth Butterfly - 25% off
Ross Hunt
Eugene  Hunt - Swan
Eugene Hunt
Jason Hunt
Mark Anthony Jacobson
Maynard Johnny
Kenny Marianne - Hummingbirds
Kenny Marianne
David Morriseau
Norval Morrisseau
Leo  Neilson - Untitled
Leo Neilson
Maxine  Noel - Dance of the Summer Moon
Maxine Noel
Daphne  Odjig RCA - Companions
Daphne Odjig RCA
Opie Oppenheim - Day and Night - 25% off
Opie Oppenheim
Bobby Paton - Untitled
Bobby Paton
Kevin Pee Ace
Joshua Prescott
Bill Reid
John Rombough - Dene Grandmother Love
John Rombough
Mark Sawyer - Meeting in Dreamland
Mark Sawyer
Ernie Scoles - Untitled
Ernie Scoles
Richard Shorty
Dale Stonechild
Art Thompson
Darrell Thorne
Garnet Tobacco - Untitled Bumble Bee
Garnet Tobacco
Tyler Tobacco
Roy Henry Vickers - Warmland
Roy Henry Vickers
Dennis Weber
Clemence Wescoupe
April White - Salmon Dance   Chiin Xyaalaa I
April White
Jerry Whitehead - Untitled
Jerry Whitehead
Don Yeomans - Killerwhales  Haida
Don Yeomans

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