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Turtle Island Gallery Wood Carvings and Masks
Wayne Alfred - Hawkman Transforming
Wayne Alfred
Patrick Amos - Sun Moon Mask
Patrick Amos
Trevor Angus - Eagle Panel
Trevor Angus
Richard Baker - Eagle Mask
Richard Baker
Matthew Baker - Raven
Matthew Baker
Wade  Baker - Junior Thunderbird Pole
Wade Baker
Troy Baker
Troy Bellrose - Canoe Bentwood Box
Troy Bellrose
Brian Bob - Loon
Brian Bob
Terrence R. Campbell - Raven Panel
Terrence R. Campbell
Dale Marie Campbell
Jim Charlie - Moon Mask
Jim Charlie
Rande Cook - Cormorant
Rande Cook
Reg Davidson - Haida Wolf Mask
Reg Davidson
Vern Etzerza - Moon Mask
Vern Etzerza
Erich Glendale - Killer Whale Rattle
Erich Glendale
Eugene  Hunt - Komokwa Mask
Eugene Hunt
Jason Hunt
Trevor  Hunt - Bear Paddle
Trevor Hunt
Harvey John - Raven
Harvey John
Maynard  Johnny - Killer Whale
Maynard Johnny
Charles E. Joseph Sr. - Portrait Mask
Charles E. Joseph Sr.
Barrie Lawrence - Raven Woman Sleeping
Barrie Lawrence
Deon Louie
Kenny Marianne - Raven Sun
Kenny Marianne
Janice Morin - People's Portrait Mask
Janice Morin
Bobby Paton - Raven Finned Killer Whale
Bobby Paton
George Pennier - Millenium Moon Mask - 20% off
George Pennier
Clifford Pettman - My Heart soars with the Eagle
Clifford Pettman
Joshua  Prescott - Bentwood Box
Joshua Prescott
George  Price - Wild Woman of the Woods
George Price
Michael  Price - Raven Lamp
Michael Price
Barry  Scow - Stump Mask
Barry Scow
Rupert Scow - Tzonakwa - 20% off
Rupert Scow
Gordon Scow - Hamatsa Raven Dancer
Gordon Scow
Gerry Sheena
Harris Smith
Rod Smith - Frog Carving
Rod Smith
John  Spence - Small Hummingbirds
John Spence
Randy Stiglitz - Eagle Mask
Randy Stiglitz
Craig Voisin
William  Watts - Raven
William Watts
Jonothan Yeltatzie - Rattle
Jonothan Yeltatzie

Turtle Island Gallery